Web design lifting:

How to project ideas and produce beauty:

At first, we think about the customer more than ourselves. Above all we listen.

We try to grasp all those aspects which communicate professionalism and product, from the  emotional to the functional.

We will build a site that is different from all the other forms of communication. In fact we will go further: we will customize and adapt all the information.

We will create beauty to communicate content. To improve your message.

We think about a website in terms of attraction and communication, form and substance.

The promise  of Web Design Lifting:

To pursue the realization of an actual and future project which creates a beautiful vision able to respond to or break fixed rules.


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Mary Poppins, Baby-sitter

I have to say thank you to the Web Design Lifting’s staff for the professionalism, competence and kindness with which they have created my web site. A work that I should define as…


Roy Batty, Replicant

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe, I was thinking that nothing could amaze me anymore and yet seeing how the web design lifting’s guys  changed my web site left me open-mouthed. Thank you WDL.

Peter Parker, Photographer

As I’m used to saying “With great power, comes great responsibility”. The guys at Web Design Lifting have the power to make the world wide web a better place and having seen what they did to my web site, they are not afraid to take this responsibility.

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Sede Operativa: C/O DWB srl
Viale Risorgimento, 1
41034 - Finale Emilia (MO)
 0535 760305
Fax: 0535 7031147


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