Joomla Security Update

Joomla Security Update

In building web sites Web Design Lifting  has always used Joomla since it was created in September 2005. Joomla! is a content management system software for web sites, completely written in PHP language. It is released on a GNU GPL v.2 open source licence and it is in constant developement under the leadership of Open Source Matters, a non profit developers’association.

Although Joomla! is unanimously considered one of the most reliable CMS it is very important, for the safety of your web site to keep it constantly updated 

If you do not have the time, the interest or the knowledge to keep your web site updated, you can subscribe to a “Joomla Security Update” plan with Web Design Lifting for just £ 199 per year. Our team will keep your website updated for you reducing the possibility of attack from hackers. 

We must remind you furthermore that joomla now comes in the 1.7 version and that from April 2012 they will not release any more updates for the 1.5 version.

Therefore we recommend, for whose have not done it yet, to consider seriously upgrading your joomla web site made with the 1.5  or older versions to the latest version of the CMS. For further information  or for a quotation on the effective cost of this operation contact us completing the form either at the bottom of this page or in the “Contact Us” section.


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Mary Poppins, Baby-sitter

I have to say thank you to the Web Design Lifting’s staff for the professionalism, competence and kindness with which they have created my web site. A work that I should define as…


Roy Batty, Replicant

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe, I was thinking that nothing could amaze me anymore and yet seeing how the web design lifting’s guys  changed my web site left me open-mouthed. Thank you WDL.

Peter Parker, Photographer

As I’m used to saying “With great power, comes great responsibility”. The guys at Web Design Lifting have the power to make the world wide web a better place and having seen what they did to my web site, they are not afraid to take this responsibility.

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