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Why pay for services that don’t you need? Choose one of our hosting plans starting from only £ 30.00 per year.

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Low Cost Web Sites

If you do not yet have a web site because you think it is too expensive, check our offers starting from £ 150.00

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Professional Web Sites

Why settle for less?  Choose a dynamic web site, with a professional design and search engine optimized.

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Joomla Templates

Research, realization and/or conversion from .PSD file to template for Joomla and all the most important CMS .

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Joomla Security Update

It is very important, for the safety of your Joomla web site to keep it constantly updated to the latest version of the CMS. 

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Not only the Web

Logo design, business cards, leaflets, brochures, promotional or greeting cards, catalogues, photobook, flyers.

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Joomla Professional

The aesthetic professional choice

The operation which makes communication attractive, for us is also cosmetic: it means to be between art and science:

Art because we are web designers, we think like artists and for us this is a lifestyle. We are technical, but we treat your site as if it were an artwork.

Science because we are professionals: we manage the content and the information and we translate them into communication.

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Tutorial: Be involved

28-11-2011 Hits:5390 Blog

Tutorial: Be involved

Sorry for the inconvenient but this content it's not translated yet. "Be Involved" è un semplice modulo che probabilmente non tutti conoscono che serve per far apparire sul tuo sito un simpatico banner nell'angolo in alto a destra, al di fuori del contesto e dei contenuti. Pensato dai creatori pe... Read more

Tutorial: RokQuickCart

28-11-2011 Hits:5838 Blog

Tutorial: RokQuickCart

Sorry for the inconvenient but this content it's not translated yet. RokQuickCart è un valido componente gratuito utile se vuoi aggiungere al tuo sito un semplice carrello elettronico che sfrutti PayPal o Google Checkout (che però in Italia non è ancora utilizzabile) come metodo di pagamento. An... Read more


Mary Poppins, Baby-sitter

I have to say thank you to the Web Design Lifting’s staff for the professionalism, competence and kindness with which they have created my web site. A work that I should define as…


Roy Batty, Replicant

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe, I was thinking that nothing could amaze me anymore and yet seeing how the web design lifting’s guys  changed my web site left me open-mouthed. Thank you WDL.

Peter Parker, Photographer

As I’m used to saying “With great power, comes great responsibility”. The guys at Web Design Lifting have the power to make the world wide web a better place and having seen what they did to my web site, they are not afraid to take this responsibility.

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